How Do I Delete My NCS Account?

How do I find my NCS username?

Forgot your Username.

Please enter the e-mail address associated with your User account.

Your username will be e-mailed to the e-mail address on file..

What does National Career Service do?

The remit of the National Careers Service is to provide “information, advice and guidance to help [customers] make decisions on learning, training and work opportunities. The service offers confidential, helpful and impartial advice, supported by qualified careers advisers.”

What is NCS registration?

National Career Service (NCS) is a one-stop solution that provides a wide array of employment and career related services to the citizens of India. … NCS does not charge any fees for registration on the portal and its services.

How do I delete my national career service account?

A new password is generated and sent to the registered Email ID and mobile number of the concerned NCS user. Click the Deactivate button, if you wish to deactivate the user. User is deactivated successfully and the Deactivate button changes to Activate. Click the Activate button to reactivate the deactivated user.

How do I update my NCS profile?

Click on Preferences tab. The Preferences screen displays. 73. Click on Profile Update check box, if you wish to receive profile update alerts 74.

How do I activate my NCS account?

Click on Manage User link corresponding to the user name. Click on Reset Password button, if you forgot the password. New password will be received on register mobile number. Click on Activate/Deactivate to changes the user account status.