How Long Does It Take For A Smart Postpaid Plan To Be Approved?

Is there unlimited data in smart?

The wireless network recently announced the launch of the Smart Postpaid Unlimited Data Plan 999 – its lowest-priced mobile postpaid plan that comes with unlimited mobile Internet connection..

How can I get smart plan approval?

3. Proof of income and financial capacityBank Certificate of Deposits.Certificate of Employment + 1 month pay slip.Latest ITR (Form 2316) + 1 month pay slip.Bank Statement of Account.Credit Card Statement of Account (SOA)Bank Account Passbook.Proof of Remittance and Proof of Relationship.More items…•

Can a student apply for Smart postpaid plan?

College students, for example, can now avail of their very first postpaid plan by walking into any Smart Store. … They simply need to present one valid ID (school IDs are welcome), pay the P250 one-time application fee, and they can go home with a Freedom SIM pack.

How can I check my Smart postpaid status?

Go to Look for the Order Status link at the menu or footer of the page. If you are not logged in to your My Smart account yet, you will be required to enter your my Smart login details. Once logged in, you will see the list of your prepaid subscriptions, eLoad purchases and postpaid applications.

How do I reconnect my smart line?

Redirection will help you manage your expenses. To lift the redirection, simply settle the outstanding balance and report payment to continuously enjoy uninterrupted connection. To report payment, dial **888* using your Smart cellphone or (02) 888-1111 via landline.

How do I track my order on smart?

How do I check the status of my order? Go to, click on the ‘Store’ tab then click the ‘Order Status’ icon. Log in using your My Smart account.

How do I know if my Smart SIM is active?

Smart Communications, Inc. You can check the status of your Smart Prepaid or TNT call and text card to see if it is still active, consumed, or inactive. Register and log-in to My Smart. Registration is FREE. Once logged-in, link your Smart or TNT mobile number to your My Smart account.

Which is the cheapest postpaid plan?

There are three plans available currently under Rs 999 offering unlimited data and calling benefits. Checkout these postpaid plans under 999 from Jio, Airtel and Vi….Airtel 999 Postpaid Plan: Rs 999 Airtel Postpaid Plan.PlanAirtel 999 Postpaid PlanBenefitsFree Amazon Prime, Airtel XStream5 more rows•Sep 29, 2020

How much is the termination fee for smart postpaid?

For accounts within contract, processing fee of P336 and pre-termination fee apply. Request for reconnection of postpaid line should be made within 6 months from the date the account was disconnected. Beyond 6 months, it will be considered permanently disconnected and you will need to apply for a new account.

How register Smart postpaid?

There are 5 ways to register:You may text the KEYWORD to 9999.You may dial *121# and navigate through the menu to register.You may download the My Smart App available in the App Store and Google Play Store.You may visit the Smart Online Store at items…

How do I get a smart signature plan?

To sign up for Smart Signature plan, you will need one of the following IDs:SSS (Digitized)Passport (with signature)Driver’s License.Company ID.Exclusive Club Membership ID.Unified Multipurpose -ID.Postal ID (Digitized)IBP ID.More items…

Can I upgrade my Smart postpaid plan?

If your Smart postpaid account/number qualifies for plan renewal, you will see a list showing all the plans you’re eligible to avail of. You may choose to continue your existing plan or upgrade to a higher plan (if applicable).