Is The Dark Side Of The Force Stronger?

Is the dark side stronger Yoda?

“Is the dark side stronger?” Luke asks.

“No, no, no,” Yoda assures him.

“Quicker, easier, more seductive.” But as Yoda and Ben are both quick to point out… 8..

Can the dark side of the force be used for good?

Use of the Dark Side of the Force is inherently selfish. It is all about seizing power and acting in a self serving manner. You cannot act in a way that is good for others whilst also drawing on the Dark Side. You would be going against the emotions and passions one needs to be strong with the Dark Side.

Are Sith stronger than Jedi?

Sith are fueled by Hate, Jedi gain strength in trust in the Force. … Anakin/Vader was the Chosen One birthed by the Force. The Dark Side probably has a lower potential ceiling, but it is faster to get there. So a becoming a powerful Dark Side user is probably easier than a powerful Light Side user.

Who is stronger Luke or Yoda?

Luke is also more powerful then yoda. This is confirmed because Anakin had the potential to be more powerful then Yoda. But he got burned up. … So luke is actually still the most powerful and strongest ever.

Why are Sith lightsabers red?

In the construction of a Sith lightsaber, individuals partook in a process known as bleeding. By ways of the Force, they would pour negative emotions such as rage, hate, fear and pain into kyber crystals. The process would result in the crystals gaining a distinctive crimson or red hue.

Which Jedi defeated the most Sith?

Obi-Wan Kenobi: The Legend He was taken as an apprentice by Qui-Gon Jinn, and he became the first in 1,000 years to ever defeat a Sith Lord in one-on-one combat when he fought and defeated Darth Maul. He was also one of the last members of the High Jedi Council.

Who is the strongest person with the force?

Star Wars: The Most Powerful Force Users, Officially Ranked1 Yoda Trained With The Force For 800 Years.2 Rey Was Able To Channel All Of The Jedi. … 3 Palpatine Was The Most Powerful Sith Lord. … 4 Luke Skywalker Became One With The Force. … 5 Darth Vader Was The Chosen One. … 6 Obi-Wan Kenobi Bested Anakin Skywalker. … 7 Kylo Ren Was Full Of Potential. … More items…•

Are the Sith actually evil?

Sith Lords are considered evil not because of the Sith concept themselves, but the fact that they’re absorbed by the Dark Side of the Force. Sith Lords are considered evil not because of the Sith concept themselves, but the fact that they’re absorbed by the Dark Side of the Force.

Can Yoda shoot lightning?

The very short answer is that Yoda is certainly theoretically capable of casting Force Lightning, but to do so would require a 360° rethink of his Light Side philosophy. Basically he would need to discard a lifetime of Jedi teachings and become a Sith before he could do it.

Is KYLO Ren stronger than Vader?

While Vader was certainly powerful with the Force, Kylo Ren is arguably even stronger, being able to freeze people in their tracks without even needing to focus on them. … Though Kylo Ren may not be as proficient with a lightsaber as Vader, with enough training, he could overpower his grandfather.

Why can’t Vader use force lightning?

Force lightning required a living conduit for the energy to be channeled; thus Darth Vader, despite being an immensely powerful Sith Lord, was never able to properly employ this ability, as any attempt to generate it carried the risk of shorting out his life support systems.

Is KYLO Ren the strongest force user?

Kylo Ren has a lifetime of training and practice, is one of the most powerful combatants in the history of Star Wars, and is the leader of the Knights of Ren. Rey has been consciously using the Force for five minutes, and nearly destroys the fearsome warrior.

Are all dark side users Sith?

All Sith are dark side users, but not all dark side adepts are Sith, as not all can go through the whole training and be named one by their master.

Who trained Yoda?

N’Kata Del GormoN’Kata Del Gormo was a Force-sensitive male Hysalrian Jedi Master who lived during the times of the Galactic Republic. According to legend, he found and trained Yoda and a Force-sensitive Human friend.

Who is the most powerful Jedi ever?

So, without further ado, let’s dive in!Kit Fisto. … Mace Windu. … Qui-Gon Jinn. … Luke Skywalker. … Rey Skywalker. … Anakin Skywalker/Darth Vader. … Obi-Wan Kenobi. Obi-Wan, or “Ben,” Kenobi is still one of the strongest Jedi to ever carry a lightsaber. … Yoda. The delightful and powerful Yoda takes the top spot here!More items…•