Question: What Is Kodagu Why Is It Famous?

Why Kodagu is called Coorg?

In 1834, the East India Company annexed Kodagu into British India, after deposing Chikka Virarajendra of the Kodagu kingdom, as ‘Coorg’.

The people accepted British rule peacefully..

What is Kuppia?

Kuppia is a long, black coat with an embroidered waist belt. It is a traditional dress of Kodavus and Kuffia is a long, black coat with an embroidered waist belt worn by the Arabs and the Kurds.

What language is spoken in Coorg?

South Dravidian languages Another South Dravidian language, Kodagu, is spoken in the Coorg district of Karnataka, which borders on Kerala. Kodagu speakers use Kannada as their official language and as the language of education.

Where is kodagu Why is it famous Class 10?

Coorg is a coffee producing area in the Karnataka State of India. It is situated midway between Mysore and the coastal town of Mangalore. This land is famous for its rainforests and spices.

What is special about Coorg?

Besides coffee and spice plantations, Coorg is also famous for its juicy and pulpy oranges. Coorg oranges are unique because they are easy to peel off and carry a tinge of citric tang and sweetness in them. Local chocolates and homemade wines are also a speciality here. Coorg …

Is Coorg better than Ooty?

While Coorg is famous for its scenic coffee plantations, Ooty is popular for its picturesque tea estates. While Coorg has more tourist attractions, Ooty makes up for that with some awesome weather and endless natural beauty!

Is Coorg and Madikeri same?

Coorg was a separate state before its merger with Karnataka in the year 1956. … Madikeri is the heartland of Coorg region and was the seat of ruling dynasty. Places like Raja’s seat, Abbey Falls, Iruppu Falls, Omkareshwara Temple, Bylakuppe, Talacauvery and Dubare are the major attractions.

What clothes to wear in Coorg?

Cotton clothing are preferred the for summer and woolen clothes for winter. But if you intend to visit Coorg during the monsoon make sure to pack some warm clothes, jackets and an umbrellas.

What can I buy in Coorg?

Here is a list of some of the must-buys and destinations to go for shopping in Coorg:Coffee. The organic unadulterated coffee grown in Coorg should be there at the top of your shopping list. … Coorg Honey. … Spices and Dry Fruits. … Chocolates and Oranges. … Tibetan Artefacts. … Kokkethathi Pendant. … Coorg Wine.

Why is Coorgis beautiful?

The Kodava culture has always helped support and nurture its women, making them what they are today. … Hence today, a Kodava woman is a symbol of strength, beauty and intelligence, inspiring women the world over. We hear of the many Coorg women reaching great heights in the field of sport or elsewhere.

What is the origin of the people of Coorg?

Answer: It is believed that Kodavu people are of Arabic origin. It is said that some of Alexander’s armymen moved to south and settled there. Their costume, martial practices and marriage rituals also point to the fact that they are from Arabic origin. … Answer: The people of Coorg are a proud martial race.

Why is coorg compared to heaven?

Coorg is compared to heaven because of its natural beauty.