Quick Answer: How Can I Know My BSNL Broadband Usage?

How can I know my BSNL broadband IP address?

Right click on the icon, select Properties, click on Internet Protocol(TCP/IP), click on Properties, click on “Use the following IP address” put the IP address as 192.168.

1.10, Subnet mask as 255.255.

255.0 and Default gateway as 192.168.

1.1 and Preferred DNS as 192.168..

What is static IP in BSNL broadband?

In Static IP Addressing, an Internet Service Provider (ISP) will assign olny one IP address to one customer. That means, whenever a customer logs on to internet, the ISP will assign the same IP address to him. In Dynamic IP addressing, the ISP will assign different IP address each time the customer logs on to internet.

What is DNS server for BSNL broadband?

BSNL’s AnyCast DNS 61.1. 1.1 works with major sites including YouTube, Facebook, Google, and others. BSNL has implemented a AnyCast Domain Name System (DNS) for broadband and Fiber-to-the-Home users that should improve the speed of Internet connections. The AnyCast DNS 61.1.

How can I track my Internet usage?

View a tutorial on how to view your account’s data usage on your Android or iPhone….Check your current data usageOpen the Google Fi website or app .Go to the Account tab.At the top of the screen, you’ll see your current data usage. To see your daily breakdown, select View details or View details .

How can I check my broadband data usage?

Once logged in, go to “My Bill” and click on “View your recent usage”. On the next screen, select the “Broadband” tab, then click on “View your broadband usage”.

How do I find my broadband IP address?

Finding your IP address without using the command promptClick the Start icon and select Settings.Click the Network & Internet icon.To view the IP address of a wired connection, select Ethernet on the left menu pane and select your network connection, your IP address will appear next to “IPv4 Address”.More items…

How can I check my BSNL broadband usage?

Check Your BSNL Broadband UsageTake your telephone bill ! And grab “customer id ” Now Start Filling Form.Step5. Login and click Services (top left)Step6. Now you will see a list of “My Services” scroll down. And select “Check My Broadband Unbilled Usage Details”Step7. Select your phone number and select date range (current month) Now click GO ! Step8.

How can I check my BSNL broadband usage by SMS?

Send SMS as “REG” to +919448077777 for NON BSNL users. Alternatively, 52295 for BSNL users. STEP2: For checking broadband usage, send an SMS “BBU” to +919448077777 for Non BSNL Users or 52295 for BSNL users.

What is the plan of BSNL broadband?

BSNL Latest Combo Broadband PlansDSL PlansSpeedMonthly PackSuperstar 300 (Hotstar free)10Mbps₹74912GB CUL10Mbps₹899Superstar 500 (Hotstar Premium)10Mbps₹94910GB CUL10Mbps & 3 SIM cards(unlimited)₹119910 more rows

What is broadband ID without BSNL domain?

If customer name is Selva Kumar belongs to the south zone having the landline 080222222222, then the user id is se8022222222_scdrid. By default to avoid confusion, BSNL creates the user password as password only.

How can I find my BSNL broadband user ID?

After typing the modem IP on the browser’s address bar, put username and password as ‘admin’ (without the inverted comma) when prompted. Click on Advanced Setup (from left navigation menu) → WAN → Click on Edit. When you click on Edit option you can find your BSNL broadband username under a tab named PPP username.

How can I connect BSNL broadband?

How to Configure WiFi and LAN on BSNL BroadbandOnce done, click on Add button as below.Use PVC Name as per your choice. … Under Configure Connection Type, you won’t need to select anything, click on Next.Under Configure WAN IP settings, click radio button for Obtain an IP address automatically. … Now, you need to Configure Broadband Username & Password.More items…•

How do I find my broadband username and password?

Lost Username or Password for your Broadband ServiceClick this link to see “My Services”.Login with your portal username and password when prompted.Click View Technical Details under the heading General.Click Select next to the service you need the details for.The Internet Access section contains your Broadband Username and Password.