Quick Answer: How Do You Spell Logan?

Is the name Logan in the Bible?

The name “Logan” does not appear in the Bible, but is Gaelic in origin.

The name translates to “small hollow,” and many have found it to be an appropriate name for both boys and….

What does Logan mean biblically?

The name “Logan” does not appear in the Bible, but is Gaelic in origin. The name translates to “small hollow,” and many have found it to be an appropriate name for both boys and girls.

How many people are named Logan in the United States?

34,557 people25.2020 13:03 there are 34,557 people named as LOGAN in the United States and the number is increasing by 269 people every year. Usage of logan as a middle name is much more common than its usage as a first name.

Who does Logan like?

Fast forward to A Year in the Life: Logan is engaged to a ritzy heiress named Odette, whom his parents love. However, he is having an affair with Rory, who serves as the “other woman” (read: Emily) in this scenario.

Is Logan a rare name?

A name that translates to “small hollow,” Logan has neared the top of the charts in U.S. boy names thanks to his stylish sound and surname vibes. … The name has made the jump onto the girl’s chart in recent years, but it’s nowhere near as popular in use for females.

What does the Logan mean?

Either from the Irish surname O’Logan meaning ‘descendant of the warrior’, or from the Scottish place name logan meaning ‘little hollow’, this once-upon-a-time surname, has now become a trendy first name in its own right. An excellent choice that radiates adventure and strength!

What does the name Logan mean in Hebrew?

meaning of the name logan – God gave me a special “LITTLE WARRIOR”

What does Logan mean in German?

Meaning. “Little hollow” The given name Logan is derived from the Scottish surname Logan, which is in turn derived from a place name. The likely origin of this surname is a place located near Auchinleck, in Ayrshire.

What’s a nickname for Logan?

Nickname – Logan Nicknames, cool fonts, symbols and tags for Logan – Logie, Logie One Kenobi, Logie Bear, LoLo, logy bear, logy wogy.

What does the name Logan mean for a girl?

The name Logan is a girl’s name of Scottish origin meaning “little hollow”.

Is Logan an Irish name?

Scottish and northern Irish: habitational name from any of the places in Scotland so called, principally that near Auchinleck. Irish: reduced Anglicized form of Gaelic Ó Leocháin ‘descendant of Leochán’ (earlier spelled Lothchán), a personal name of unexplained origin. …

Is Logan a good dog name?

Wolverine Inspired Dog Name Considerations As such, Logan has a great respect for animals, including dogs and all other sorts of canine creatures. So consider naming your pet after Logan due to his environmental conscientiousness.

How do you spell the name Logan?

Logan originated as a Scottish surname which was derived from a place of that name in Ayrshire. The place name came from lagan, a Scottish Gaelic diminutive of lag, meaning “hollow.” Alternate spellings include Logon, Logen, and Logyn, which is more common among girls.

Is Logan a boy or girl name?

It was originally more commonly used as a Scottish surname, derived from a place. Logan is also used as a girl’s name, but has seen more popularity for boys.

Why does Wolverine go by Logan?

Originally Answered: Why did James Howlett, the person behind Marvel Comics’ character Wolverine, become known as Logan? When he was a kid, he changed his name to Logan to hide his identity while on the run for killing a man named Thomas Logan.

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