Quick Answer: Is Lucky Mobile Legit?

How do I cancel my lucky mobile plan?

Cancellation is effective the date Lucky Mobile receives your cancellation notice (or the date you request the cancellation to take effect).

Otherwise, you can simply stop topping-up and your account will be deactivated as set out in Section 33..

Is lucky mobile coverage good?

Lucky Mobile has the best coverage in the country, covering 99% of Canadians. Some of the cities where Lucky Mobile’s coverage is excellent include: Edmonton: 100% coverage.

Which network does lucky mobile use?

Bell Mobility networkFounded in December 2017, Lucky Mobile operates on the Bell Mobility network alongside fellow subsidiary Virgin Mobile Canada. It targets the same market segment as discount mobile brands Chatr (owned by Rogers Communications) and Public Mobile (owned by Telus).

Are lucky mobile phones unlocked?

Why would I need to have my phone unlocked? A non-Lucky Mobile phone needs to be unlocked and compatible with our network before we can activate your Lucky Mobile SIM Card. … You will need to contact your previous provider to have them unlock your phone.

Who owns Fido Canada?

Rogers CommunicationsFido Solutions/Parent organizations

What phones are compatible with lucky mobile?

Yes, as long as your phone is compatible with our network and already unlocked by your previous provider. The availability of some services may differ depending on your phone. Your phone must be compatible with LTE AWS (1700 MHz) or LTE 700 MHz bands, or UMTS/HSPA compatible on 850/1900 MHz bands.

Does lucky mobile work with iPhone?

If you are using an iPhone, make sure your Cellular Data Options are set to “Enable LTE > Voice and Data”. Put your SIM Card in another Lucky Mobile phone or any unlocked phone. If the SIM Card works in a different phone, your phone may not be compatible with our network.

Does Lucky Mobile have unlimited data?

The top tier plan for Lucky is priced at $50 per month and it offers unlimited Canada and United States calling with unlimited talk and text, and 8GB of data at 3G speeds. …

Is there an activation fee for lucky mobile?

Lucky charges a one-time $10 activation fee for every new line of service. If you bring your own phone or tablet, you’ll also need a Lucky SIM.

Can you roam with lucky mobile?

Can I use my Lucky Mobile phone while roaming in other countries? Calls can be made from within Canada, wherever coverage is available, to anywhere in the world. However, you cannot make calls from within the U.S. or from elsewhere outside of Canada, as Lucky Mobile Canada does not provide roaming services.

Can I keep my number if I switch to lucky mobile?

You can switch your number over to Lucky Mobile at the time of activation.

Who has the best plan for unlimited data?

Best value unlimited plans:Best deal: Metro by T-Mobile unlimited plan for $50 (runs on T-Mobile network) … Alternative pick: Visible (runs on Verizon’s 4G LTE network) … Best offer: T-Mobile Magenta plan for $70. … Alternative pick: Sprint Unlimited Basic plan for $60. … Base plan: Verizon Start Unlimited plan for $70.