Quick Answer: What Is The Tax On Easy Load In Pakistan?

What is the tax on jazz load 2020?

Advance income tax rate is @12.5% on each recharge..

How do you share balance?

Sharing your balance is a simple 2 step process:Dial *828*Recipient Number*Amount# e.g. *828*0333xxxxxxx*10#Customer will be prompted with: Reply with: 1 to transfer Rs. 10 to 0333xxxxxx. Terms & Conditions.

How can I get free jazz minutes?

Terms and Conditions For example a customer who maintained Rs 3,000 balance on 1st April will get 100 On-net Minutes and SMS on 3rd April. Status of a free bundle can be checked by dialing *117*88*2#. The minutes and SMS are non-transferable.

How can I transfer money from mobile balance to easypaisa?

Easypaisa user simply dials *786# and selects the ‘Money Transfer’ option. The customer then chooses the ‘Send to Any Mobile’ option and enters receiver’s mobile number and the transfer amount, followed by the Easypaisa Account PIN to complete the transaction.

How can I check my easypaisa free minutes?

The free minutes will be posted to the customer’s number a day after the transaction and they will be valid for next 24 Hours. Customers can check the status of free bundle by dialing *222*#. The free minutes received through this offer by the account holder are not transferable to any other customer.

What is Zong 20 plan?

PackagesEconomyZong 20Charging Pulse60 sec20 secOn-net/Off-net (Rs./pulse)Rs. 2.40+TaxRs. 0.70+TaxSMS Rs. (All Networks)Rs. 1.50+TaxRs. 1.20+TaxMobile Internet (Rs./ MB)Rs. 4+TaxRs. 4+Tax2 more rows

How much balance we get on 100 load jazz?

100 balance, currently customers get Rs. 88.89 balance. In order to get the above incentive customer needs to dial *408# only once. After dialing *408# on every recharge of Rs.

How much is a 100 load balance?

100, balance provided to the user is Rs. 88.889 (and not Rs. 76 as reported on the social media) after deduction of Rs. 11.111 against withholding tax @ 12.5%.

What is ULoad?

ULoad ULoad is an easy and convenient mode for recharging your Prepaid number. It is a re-charge option for prepay users that does not rely on the availability of scratch cards.

How can I load my JazzCash balance?

Avail this offer through following methods.By selecting option 9 from USSD menu or dialing *786*9#Through 100 pay 100 offer button from JazzCash App.

What is easy load?

With Telenor’s easyload you can now decide how much you want to pay to recharge your Telenor Prepaid Account. All you have to do is visit any Telenor easyload Agent and recharge your Telenor Prepaid account from anywhere between Rs. 30 and Rs. 5,000 and enjoy validity as per your price plan.

What is the tax on Zong load?

Advance Income Tax (AIT) rate of 12.5% applies on every recharge.

How do you check load?

Check the balance of your Ufone Mobile connection with the following USSD code *124#. Simply dial the number from your mobile phone, and you will see the balance on the screen of your mobile phone. The charges are Rs.

How can I get jazz full balance?

In order to get the above incentive customer needs to dial *408# only once. After dialing *408# on every recharge of Rs. 100 & above customer will get full balance without tax deductions. All mechanics for the full balance will remain same as on normal balance.

How can I hide my Zong balance?

How to Deactivate offer Using USSD CodeDial *4004#Windows will appear before you.Now select the prepaid option.Select 2 to Reactive.Now the offer will Deactivate.

How can I get free MB on warid?

Warid FREE Internet Trick 1 (Guidelines)3000 On-net Jazz Warid Minutes (Except from 6 PM to 10 PM)1500 MB FREE Internet (Except from 9 PM to 1 AM)3000 SMS.Dial *551# from your phone to subscribe to this offer.To check the status information, dial *553*2# from your phone.More items…•

How much tax do I pay on 100 Easy Load?

It appears that 10% service/maintenance charges on every Rs. 100 card has now been withdrawn and mobile network users will have to pay 12.5% withholding tax and 19.5% FED, which is still applicable on every top-up and balance transfer.

How can I get free MB on jazz?

Dail *836# and get the 3-day trial bundle for free. You will receive 500 MBS data with this offer for the next 3-days. To check the remaining MBs status, Dail *117*51*2# for free.

How do I subscribe for jazz weekly 10gb?

10 GB DATA Unlimited Jazz Mins (8AM – 6PM)Subscription Fee Rs.95 (Incl.tax)Subscription Code *117*14#Status Code *117*14*2#Validity Weekly.