What Allocate Means?

How do you spell allocated?

verb (used with object), al·lo·cat·ed, al·lo·cat·ing.

to set apart for a particular purpose; assign or allot: to allocate funds for new projects.

to fix the place of; locate..

What is another word for allocation?

In this page you can discover 39 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for allocation, like: distribution, quantum, assignment, apportionment, dispensation, division, allotment, allowance, dole, lot and measure.

What does allocated time mean?

to give a particular amount of time, money, etc. to someone or something, so that it can be used in a particular way: … allocate time Salespeople should allocate time for work in each area of their business.

What is an example of allocation?

Allocation means a process in the social welfare system. … Allocation is defined as the act of being portioned out for a certain reason. An example of allocation is when one refers to how the school fund-raising money is to be used for new computers.

How do you use allocation?

Allocation in a Sentence 🔉Inconsistency in allocation of funds led to a negative balance in one account. … Because allocation of job assignments took place on the first day, the absent worker got the worst position. … Allocation of substances to the control and experimental group was the first step.More items…

Can you allocate time?

Strategically allocate your time: Boundaries on how and when you invest time in work and in your personal life help to ensure that you have the proper investment in each category. … Over the course of a one- to two-week period, your time investment should reflect your priorities.

What is the noun of Allocate?

noun. /ˌæləˈkeɪʃn/ 1[countable] an amount of money, space, etc. that is given to someone for a particular purpose We have spent our entire allocation for the year. [uncountable] the act of giving something to someone for a particular purpose the allocation of food to those who need it most.

What does it mean to allocate something?

transitive verb. 1 : to apportion for a specific purpose or to particular persons or things : distribute allocate tasks among human and automated components. 2 : to set apart or earmark : designate allocate a section of the building for special research purposes.

What things can be allocated?

An example of allocate is when a boss schedules a certain amount of time each morning in order to go over the day’s business with their employees. An example of allocate is when a group of people are lost in the woods and they divide up their food and water, giving out an equal portion to each individual.

Can you allocate a person?

1 Answer. It makes little sense to allocate a singular person (“We allocated Ted among the houses on the block”), as you’d be separating Ted into parts and putting each part in a house. However it does make sense to say “We allocated all the people among the houses on the block”.

What does fully allocated mean?

Fully Allocated Cost means, with respect to provision of a Service, the all-in cost of the Providing Party’s provision of such Service, including a share of direct charges of the function providing such Service, and including allocable amounts to reflect compensation and benefits, technology expenses, occupancy and …

How do you use allocation in a sentence?

budget allocation was made, the treasurer would be able to see what funds had been gathered from sponsorship. cage trap donors are given an allocation number for their trap. The phased moved away from a slots allocation based on historic patterns to one based on weighted capitation should improve the equity of access.